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Boost the health of your home with mineral wool insulation

By Anna Dukhno
March 07, 2019

A new World Green Building Council guide has highlighted the pivotal role insulation can play in making homes healthier.

Poorly insulated buildings impact the comfort and well-being of homeowners and tenants by exposing them to unhealthy extremes of heat and cold while making them vulnerable to noise pollution, says the guide Healthier Homes, Healthier Planet.

Research has found that 65% of Europeans living in major urban areas are exposed to dangerous levels of noise pollution which can lead to serious health issues such as hypertension and even strokes.

In addition, outside air is polluted for 92% of people, while interior air may be filled with Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from sources such as cleaning products.

“We spend on average 90% of our time indoors, so the quality of the air we breathe can make a big impact on our health,” says the World Green Building Council.

Our Product and Market Development Director, Olivier Delattre, says installing mineral wool insulation is the foundation of a healthier home when it comes to thermal comfort, acoustic well-being and air quality.

“Mineral wool insulation dramatically improves the well-being of homeowners and tenants by keeping buildings cool in hot weather and warm in the cold,” he says.

“The fibre structure of mineral wool is also particularly effective at absorbing sound and can significantly reduce noise pollution, particularly if combined with internal partitions.”

When installed with good ventilation, mineral wool can also contribute to air quality by helping create dry, warm homes with no cold spots where mould can grow, Olivier says.

Additionally, Knauf Insulation solutions are manufactured using ECOSE Technology® which contains no added formaldehyde and is certified to the highest Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold standards.

Installing mineral wool insulation improves the well-being of any building and the Healthier Homes, Healthier Planet guide offers essential insight for anyone who wants to learn how to make their home as healthy as possible,” says Olivier.