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A transparency first for Knauf Insulation and Urbanscape in Europe

By Pauline Pelous
August 14, 2019

Our Urbanscape Rock Mineral Wool is the first material in Europe certified by the new European version of DECLARE — a product label that demands all product ‘ingredients’ and related risks must be transparently revealed.

The label previously only used an American version of ingredient codes, known as CAS registry numbers, to disclose the full composition of a product including any ‘Red List chemicals’ that may be potentially harmful to health.

In the US, our EcoSeal+, EcoBatt and JetStream Ultra were the first Mineral Wool solutions to be labelled by DECLARE in 2013 and in 2017 we released a transparency catalogue for all our products in North America.

Now, for Europe, following more than two years of campaigning by the Knauf Insulation Green Solutions team, European Chemical Agency codes (EC codes through REACH regulation) are recognised by the DECLARE standard for product transparency.

“We are delighted that our Urbanscape solutions can now be DECLARE labelled because as a company we have consistently campaigned for a universal system of harmonisation that ensures chemical data about material compositions can transcend international borders and be used by everyone, everywhere,” says Jean-Pierre Pigeolet, our Products and Buildings Sustainability Manager.

Jean-Pierre was presenting the breakthrough at a special seminar organised by sustainable building consultants ARP Astrance in Paris to discuss the issue of product transparency and health in buildings.

The move is also important because DECLARE is used through Green Building Rating Systems such as Living Building Challenge, WELL and LEED to demonstrate a product’s transparency.

“Our Urbanscape Green solutions are ideal for fulfilling criteria in these schemes. They are all growing in popularity because customers are becoming increasingly interested in how materials impact sustainability and the health of the people who use them,” says Jure Šumi, Business Development Director Green Solutions.

“We are also obviously delighted to be the first manufacturer in Europe to have our products certified by the new European version of DECLARE.”