Mineral Plus

List of Mineral Plus products for which EPD's are available  
Technology Type Product Range Product Thickness (mm) Program Operator Standard Language
MW slabs - Mineral Plus FCB 035, Mineral Plus FCB 035KD, Mineral Plus EXT 035, Mineral Plus KP 035 and Mineral Plus KP 034, Mineral Plus HB 034  40-240 Eco Platform / IBU  EN15804 EN
MW slabs - Mineral Plus IPB 037, Mineral Plus EXT 037, Mineral Plus KP 037  40-240 Eco Platform / IBU EN15804 EN
MW slabs - MW 35, Mineral Wool 35  40-240 Eco Platform / IBU EN15804 EN
  We continually update this list of EPDs, which is a collation of EPDs published on the national databases listed below. We believe each EPD should give the right information for every products listed on the EPD. Our EPDs (with the exception of the French FDES) are published using the unit m³ and is therefore applicable to a number of thicknesses.   If you cannot find the EPD you are looking for, please contact sustainability@knaufinsulation.com