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Knauf Insulation’s Le Studio is a striking example of upcycling — an old trailer transformed into a video and audio studio. Le Studio now offers colleagues the chance to communicate from one simple, easy-to-operate, portable base.

Le Studio

Once upon a time you needed to hire a studio to produce a professional video. In the past if you wanted to host an international meeting or conference, you had to hire a hotel, conference hall and expensive audio-visual equipment.

Not anymore. Knauf Insulation’s portable Le Studio brings together in one place all the audio-visual equipment you need to host conference and meetings online and all the hardware in a studio setting needed to produce professional content.

The challenges of the pandemic have accelerated digital communication and made online remote meetings and conferences a new company reality.

Furthermore, as demand grows for online content featuring Knauf Insulation solutions and expertise, there is increasing need for more video.

Le Studio has proved to be the ideal solution. The old trailer has been completely converted into a mobile studio featuring three professional cameras that can film simultaneously and high-quality audio all in a specially customised Knauf Insulation studio setting.

Demand for the studio facilities has been high as colleagues have been booking time to create presentations about our solutions, filming training videos for stakeholders, hosting online discussions about specific issues, creating podcasts, live-streaming educational content and organising international meetings.

The studio facilities are fully automated and easy to operate which means that once the equipment has been set up, colleagues can work alone if necessary and film and refilm as many times as
they like.

Suzie Hazotte, Regional Communications Manager, Western Europe, says: “In all respects Le Studio is sustainable. It paid off its costs within just a handful of studio events by avoiding conference room and studio hire, it saves unsustainable business travel, and it is an extraordinary example of recycling.”

Finally, the entire trailer length can be reduced by half thanks to a unique concertina ‘fold-away’ mechanism and Le Studio can go on tour simply by being hitched up to a car or van.

Le Studio is not only a pioneering innovation, it is set to create a whole new generation of Knauf Insulation video stars.

Photo on the right: Video stars: Suzie Hazotte, Regional Communications Manager for Western Europe, with Infrastructure Officer Bernard Rome, who helped support the project

Suzie Hazotte and Bernard Rome


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