Leadership in testing times

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Today, more than ever, it is vital for everyone to step up and become a leader. During difficult times, leadership strengths and weaknesses are always exposed, so it is vital we understand how to use our experience, expertise and empathy to magnify our positive attributes and manage situations more effectively.

So, what does leadership mean to Knauf Insulation and what can we learn from the leaders in our company?

Well, recent events have highlighted the importance of trust and compassion, demonstrating care for colleagues and customers, while providing constant support and communication.

From an operational viewpoint, coordination between teams and functions became even more essential and prioritising what was really important a critical aspect of business management in difficult times.

There was also a great deal from those around us who ‘walk the talk’ and model leadership within their teams.

So, we asked the winners of the Knauf Insulation Leadership Awards to share their thoughts on what makes a good leader.

This is what they told us.

Andreas Moutsatsos

"What contributes to leadership success? Vision, clarity and courage."


"A good leader is empathetic, trustworthy, consistent, an effective communicator, delegates and is committed."


"I really admire leaders who know when and how to get a decision made when it is crucially needed to seal a deal."

Barbara Subic
Veronica Cross  leadership award winner

"The most important elements that contribute to leadership success are effective communication, consistency and integrity."

Marc de Sainte Foy

"What defines good leadership? Vision and ambition."

Marc de Sainte Foy
BERND DIETER SAULDER - leadership award winner

"What do I admire about Knauf Insulation leaders? Anyone who demonstrates humanity and ambition has my full admiration."


"What contributes to leadership success? Offering kindness without limit and having the courage to give feedback to everyone."

SÉBASTIEN LINTHOUT - leadership award winner
Julie McKean

"What contributes to leadership success? Ensuring you work alongside your team and provide them with the confidence and ability to operate effectively within their roles."