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Circular Economy
Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

At Knauf Insulation, we are committed to measuring and reducing the environmental impact of our products, as well as reporting these impacts in a transparent way.

Our EPDs (Environmental Product Declaration) provide customers with objective and independent information about their products.

In assessing our sustainability, we examine every stage of a product’s life cycle in-depth, from cradle to grave, through LCA (Life Cycle Assessment). This information is then processed and published as an EPD.

We’re pioneers in product sustainability. We have dramatically cut the time needed to create an EPD through an innovative data collection system and third-party pre-verification. Creating an EPD involves highly intensive and wide-ranging data collection, hundreds of calculations, and rigorous verification - which used to take up to 6 months. Our innovative new certified process has minimised the time it takes to process and publish an EPD to as little as three weeks for 90% of our plant’s product portfolio. We are leading the industry in providing such precise information in our EPDs.

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EPD's are available for the following products.

Select below to access a list of our existing EPDs, with the list continuing to grow.

Circular Economy

We continually update our list of EPDs, which is a collation of EPDs published on the various program operators listed below. We believe each EPD should give the right information for every product listed on the EPD.

Our EPDs are published using in general a unit of 1 m2, with their thermal resistance value and their dedicated specific thickness. While this enables our EPDs to be more precise, they can be also adjusted to needed thickness values.

If you cannot find the EPD you are looking for, please contact [email protected]



ECO platform


The objective of ECO Platform is the development of verified environmental information of construction products, in particular type III declarations called Environmental Product Declarations. The added value of EPD under the ECO Platform framework is the possibility to use these declarations in all European but also international markets. ECO Platform EPDs are supported by the most important program operators in Europe and their quality and international acceptance is guaranteed.

Inies EPD

Inies (France)

French national database of declarations on environmental and health related impacts. EPDs, known as FDES (Fiches de Déclaration Environnementales et Sanitaires des produits de construction), are published here. 

Institut Bauen und Umwelt

IBU (Germany)

Our EPDs are also published on the German database ‘Institut Bauen und Umwelt’ (IBU).



The national database in Spain is the "Declaracion Ambiental de Productos de Construccion" (DAPc).



You can also find our EPDs in the UK database BRE.