Jana Lovasova - HSE & Systems Manager

Jana Lovasova, HSE & Systems Manager
Jana Lovásová

HSE & Systems Manager at Krupka plant, has worked at Knauf Insulation for 12 years

Good cooperation with other departments is crucial, and it is essential to have the support of your supervisor.
Jana Lovásová

Why did you choose engineering?

I did not choose the engineering industry directly. I studied secondary industrial chemistry — environmental protection in industry — and after several years I studied at the Faculty of Environmental Sciences in the field of environmental protection in industry. Why? Because I like things like chemistry, ecology, industrial technology.

­What advice would you offer women considering a career in engineering?

They need to know what they want, and although some work situations aren't easy, it’s necessary to keep a cool head, and keep a positive outlook. Most importantly, they should never give up. Good cooperation with other departments is also crucial, and it is essential to have the support of your supervisor.

­What makes Knauf Insulation special in your opinion?

It’s great to work for Knauf Insulation. There is a family environment and the company is guided by the principles ​​of partnership, commitment, entrepreneurship and menschlichtkeit. These principles are essential to stakeholders, customers, suppliers and, of course, employees. We also donate to those in need and support sporting charities, nurseries, retirement homes, and more.

What has been a career highlight?

Truly? It was the support of my supervisor Jan Brázda who trusted me and supported me throughout my career as a HSE & Systems Manager.

­What needs to be done to encourage more women to join the construction industry?

Trust yourself, have a good team of people around you and be sure to be yourself.


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