Ivana Baculíková - Production Manager

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Ivana Baculíková - Production Manager at Knauf Insulation Nová Baňa
Ivana Baculíková

Now a Production Manager at our Nová Baňa since 2019, Ivana started working for Knauf Insulation in 2009 as HSE manager.

“Undoubtedly your performance will be equal to a man’s and in many cases even better.”
Ivana Baculíková

Why did you choose engineering?

There is no definite answer. I always have been technically minded — perhaps because my father didn’t have a son (laughs) — but when I was admitted to Economic and Technical University it was clear that engineering was more interesting and it seemed a good choice.

What advice would you offer women considering a career in engineering?

Don’t be afraid of engineering and don’t doubt your abilities. Be confident. Undoubtedly your performance will be equal to a man’s and in many cases even better. And for sure your life will never be dull.

What makes Knauf Insulation special in your opinion?

Knauf Insulation is a great employer that really cares about its employees. We have good work conditions, but what is really important are the people, teamwork, the sharing of experiences, communication and good relationships. There are areas that need to be improved, and we should all work towards the same goals.

What has been a major career highlight?

Up to now, becoming Production Manager.

What needs to be done to encourage more women to join the construction industry?

You can have the best players but that doesn’t mean you have the best team. That’s why we should focus on people and their capabilities, not their gender. Communication and teamwork are more important than whether you are a woman or not.

There is so much embedded in our culture that states engineering isn’t for girls or women. And people still think of engineers as men who fix problems, not women. To change this paradigm will take time, so any initiative to promote women in engineering is highly appreciated.

What have been the key challenges of recent months?

At the beginning of 2020, we changed our shift pattern. The main reason was to give our employees more free days with their families. Everybody was concerned about this change as we didn’t know if it would have negative consequences.

However, we went for it because we were convinced it was the right move forward. Now, it is evaluated as a good step. There has been almost no negative feedback and it seems that there is also added value for our production process which is now more stabilised. 



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