Inspired green buildings

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Inspired green buildings
October 23, 2019


Italy’s most dynamic city has become a showcase for dramatic sustainable building – Knauf Insulation is playing an exciting role in this Italian renaissance.

Milan is the Italian capital of sustainable building excellence with the country's most exciting developments transforming the city’s skyline.
Among these projects are the 40,000m2 Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest) towers, featuring 800 trees and 20,000 plants, as well as the dramatic curve of the 170 metre-high Libeskind Tower.

Knauf Insulation solutions were chosen for both of these high-profile buildings.

In the towers of Bosco Verticale a total of 10,000m2 of our Rock Mineral Wool DP6 (NaturBoard Timber) slabs were installed while in Libeskind Tower, 1,000m2 of our Rock Mineral Wool NaturBoard Timber with ECOSE Technology® slabs were chosen for the building’s awe inspiring façade. Libeskind Tower is under certification as it is still being built — but a minimum target is LEED NC GOLD — while the stunning Bosco Verticale has been certified LEED NC GOLD.

Francesco Cavicchioli, our Public Affairs and Technical Marketing Manager in Italy, says: “The city has always been seen as the country’s capital of commerce, design and fashion, now it is famous for its sustainable buildings.

A certified building is a win-win for everyone
Francesco Cavicchioli, Public Affairs and Technical Marketing Manager, Italy

“These buildings require the highest standards of sustainability and performance when it comes to energy-saving, fire safety, air quality and acoustic performance and we are proud Knauf Insulation solutions were selected for these iconic towers.”

Other developments in Milan that feature our solutions include the renovation of Palazzo San Fedele (LEED GOLD in progress) and the construction of two important towers: Gioia 22 tower (LEED GOLD in progress) and Bonnet Tower (LEED GOLD and WELL in progress).

Milan enjoys a reputation as Italy’s green capital with 200 buildings certified or under certification by Green Building Rating Schemes; areas specifically designated as green districts; 290 bike stations, 3,650 bicycles and 218km of cycle paths as well as 1,000 electric vehicle-charging stations scheduled for 2020.

“Green building and sustainable urban development is a rapidly growing trend in Milan but also across the whole country and we are working very closely with LEED and BREEAM assessors nationwide offering technical support in the management of projects,” explains Francesco.

“If you are an investor in buildings and you want to differentiate yourself from the competition there is no better way than adding value through a healthier, energy-saving building that has a lower carbon footprint.
“Ultimately, a certified sustainable building is genuinely a win-win for everyone.”

We’re proud our solutions were selected for these iconic towers
Francesco Cavicchioli

The number of LEED certified/registered for certification buildings in Italy, for example, has now risen to 544, according to Greenwich, a team of Milan-based consultants that works with Knauf Insulation.

In Milan there are 118 LEED projects with a total of 82 other buildings certified or registered according to BREEAM, WELL or the national Green Building Council’s own green rating scheme (see story right). With so much sustainable urban development to celebrate, Italy’s GBC published a map — with Municipality support — highlighting every ‘green building’.

“The map was born out of the desire to show people the evolution of the city and its urban layout allowing them a new perspective on the innovation of new buildings and the renovation of historic buildings,” says Giuliano Dall’O, Italy’s Green Building Council President.



Knauf Insulation is a Platinum sponsor of Italy’s Green Building Council (GBC) map of sustainable buildings in Rome. An image of the 37,300m2 LEED Gold-certified ‘A and B office buildings’ on Via Laurentina — featuring 1,500m2 of our Rock Mineral Wool DP5 (NaturBoard Partition Comfort) slabs. The map states: “Green building has become the new normal for the eternal city.”





Knauf Insulation has joined Italy’s GBC in line with the company’s support of Green Building Councils around the world. In Italy the council is renowned for its own Green Building Rating Scheme which covers areas such as residential buildings, condominiums, neighbourhood areas and historical buildings (30.1% of Italy’s buildings predate 1945). Knauf Insulation supported a technical event by the council in June – From Energy Efficiency to Decarbonisation in Buildings. We are looking forward to playing an active role in council activities.





Knauf Insulation Italy won the coveted LeFonti Award® for Excellence in Innovation and Communication in Environmental Sustainability. LeFonti Awards celebrate organisations that “demonstrate corporate excellence in innovation, leadership, technological achievement and employee engagement” and are awarded by scientific journalists from 120 countries. Our award was in recognition of communication implemented to highlight the real performance benefits of ECOSE Technology® and its impeccable environmental credentials.




Our NaturBoard Rock Mineral Wool with ECOSE Technology® in Italy was named Trend of the Year 2019 by Kilmahouse and Polytechnic of Milan. The award recognises companies for minimising the environmental impact of production and anticipating sustainable regulation.




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