Inspiration for the next generation of women engineers

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Our women engineers discuss the experiences that shaped their success at Knauf Insulation.

Margaux Dorthu, engineer at Knauf Insulation Visé
Margaux Dorthu

"My advice for women considering a career in engineering? Go for it!"

Anastasia Parlali

"I think that engineering chose me."

Anastasia Parlali, International Graduate Engineer
Giuliana Rivituso, International Process Engineer
Giuliana Rivituso

"I have a strong belief in women in engineering."

Ayşe Okumuş

"I believe that women can do anything men can do."

Ayşe Okumuş, Maintenance Planner
Camilla Saltini, International Process Engineer
Camilla Saltini

"My advice to women thinking about engineering: be yourself, you are an engineer just like your male colleagues."

Karina Berlig

"Knauf Insulation provides amazing opportunities to progress and grow, no matter who you are."

Karina Berlig, Production Manager
Jana Lovasova, HSE & Systems Manager
Jana Lovásová

"Advice for women engineers? They need to know what they want and never give up."

Eleanor Brown

"You can bring so much to the work environment. Embracing diversity reveals new possibilities."

Eleanor Brown, Assistant Production Manager
Rebecca Wilde, Process Engineer
Rebecca Wilde

‘I’m proud that I’m the only female engineer in my office!’

Ivana Baculíková

“My advice for women considering engineering? Don’t doubt your abilities. Be confident.“

Ivana Baculíková - Production Manager at Knauf Insulation Nová Baňa
Martine Jamoulle - Product Certification Manager at Knauf Insulation
Martine Jamoulle

“If you’re an engineer, you’re still an engineer, regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman.”