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Discover our innovation solutions launched in Western Europe: from ideas sharing platform and virtual city app to carbon calculator and online training tool.



Have you ever had a brainwave about something that would make life so much better for you, your colleagues or customers? Maybe you’ve thought of a new product or a different way of doing things? That’s where KI Innovation comes in.

Colleagues and customers can access KI Innovation online. Simply enter some details about the problem you’ve identified and the solution you’re proposing. Our Innovation Commission will review, evaluate and score your proposal. The ideas with the highest scores will then be developed by our teams.

This year we launched KI Innovation in Italy, France, Spain and all our plants in Western Europe.


KI Impact is a new carbon calculator designed to help specifiers such as architects and engineers.

Simply enter the details of your project to calculate the amount of carbon that will be used if you work with Knauf Insulation products.

You can also see the environmental performance of each product, including the water consumption, waste production and recycled content used to create it. You can save the information for each project and adjust it at any time.

KI Impact is particularly useful when it comes to public and government building projects. That’s because contractors are required to show the environmental footprint of their proposals.

KI Impact launched in the autumn and is currently available in France.

KI Impact
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Come with us to a busy little city we know where the sun shines every day, the trees are always green, and the buildings are beautifully insulated.

Welcome to our virtual city! We’ve designed it with a hospital, school, warehouse and a range of homes. These buildings are part of our city app, which works on a mobile, tablet and desktop. Sales teams can use the app to show customers how our products work in different ways in an urban setting. Users can click on any of the buildings to take a tour inside and see our products at work.

The app gives details of all our products, including specifications and certifications. This shows specifiers everything they need to consider when commissioning a project. The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal and France each have their own version of the app designed to suit their country’s requirements.

The city app has been well received by sales teams, who say it’s a powerful tool to use with customers. The app is also proving to be a fantastic training tool for new staff joining the Knauf Insulation family, as it offers an easy and engaging way to become familiar with many of our products and how they can be used.

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The launch of our internal online training tool, KI Learning, was so successful that it’s now available to all customers in France.

COVID-19 forced many businesses to think differently and creatively. If working face-to-face wasn’t an option, how could businesses continue to strengthen and support staff? We decided to create an online learning platform. The KI Learning tool was originally trialled with our sales representatives in France, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. So, we thought, why not make this available to a wider audience?

KI Learning launched to our customers in 2022 and provides e-learning on a range of topics. These include new regulations, products and applications. Learners can pay for a licence for different periods between one and 12 months, depending on their needs and the requirements of their team.

We’re looking forward to supporting wider audience with their training requirements in 2023.

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