Innovation across our company

Innovation across our company
October 23, 2019


From new virtual worlds and smart homes to giant green roofs and brighter garages, our innovation teams are developing solutions that are shaping the future.




In North America we launched EcoBatt Integrated Roof Deck Insulation to help meet the demands of changing building codes – specifically California’s highly demanding Title 24 Code Requirements. This code defines minimum insulation R-values between roof rafters in contact with the roof deck and additional ceiling insulation between the attic and conditioned space.


Summers can be incredibly hot in the south of Russia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. That is why we are launching Knauf Heat Protection designed to keep buildings cool in these countries and save air-conditioning energy. In addition, we are launching AkustiSLIM 27mm in the region, which is designed to improve the acoustic comfort of homes, while ensuring maximum space saving.


Knauf Insulation with manufacturer Trimo and the Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute has created two new panel concepts. The innovation was part of the TIGR4smart project to create new products that improve energy efficiency, increase sustainable material use and integrate information technologies in buildings. A demonstration modular residential unit was created in Slovenia.

Orchid improvement

Knauf Insulation Green Solutions is developing an innovative growing media known as HUge for the cultivation of orchids featuring our Rock Mineral Wool. Orchids comprise the largest family of flowering plants on Earth, with over 30,000 different species. However, cultivating them can take up to 36 weeks. Initial tests have shown that Knauf Insulation’s substrate enables more effective, faster orchid growth compared to traditional growing media.

Orchid improvement

Bright idea

Our new Lumax range in Germany is ideal for hallways, basements or underground car parks – offering highly effective insulation and outstanding lighting. The new range features embedded LED lamps which provide a bright, light ambience, while our Tektalan wood wool multilayers offer an attractive alternative to traditional ceiling boards. In addition, the boards also provide effective thermal and acoustic performance and are certified Euroclass A2 non-combustible.

Garage bright ideas

Virtual worlds inspired by real-life solutions

To showcase innovation and support with customer training when our commercial teams are at branch or trade events, we have developed virtual reality (VR) environments which are presented through Oculus Go headsets. One environment focuses on the acoustic performance of our insulation — adding different insulation materials into walls to show the impact of noise. The other (which is being finalised) brings our sustainability credentials to life from raw materials to the creation of high-performing, safe, comfortable and healthy buildings.

VR pioneering new ideas

In 2019 we celebrated the completion of our biggest Urbanscape Green Roof in France – an installation of 8,300m2 on a commercial building in Champniers – which was installed by just seven people without the need for a crane. The Urbanscape system will store more than 4,800m3 of rainwater every year – the equivalent of almost two 2,500m3 Olympic swimming pools.

Picture: Pikt’Air

Green roof record






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