Hugo Massé - The Process, Quality & CI Manager

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Hugo Massé

The Process, Quality & CI Manager in Lannemezan, France, has been working with Knauf Insulation since 2013.

My advice to others? It may sound simple but most of your challenges can only be overcome with colleagues.
Hugo Massé

Why is the graduate program important to you?

The program is a unique learning accelerator – it gives you the opportunity to work on various topics in different cultures. The main benefit is that it develops your ability to meet any challenge anywhere.

What does it contribute to Knauf Insulation?

It provides Knauf Insulation with highly skilled individuals who are trusted and reliable.

How does the program enhance company culture?

It is directly linked to Knauf Values, especially entrepreneurship. Throughout the program you face situations that are often new to you and you have to be able to adapt and take decisions — good or bad. That is how you learn.

How does the program build on continuous improvement? Safety? And customer-centricity?

The program is aligned to the three Knauf Insulation pillars with inductions provided by company experts. It is also unique because you can learn from everyone — from those on the shop floor to top management.

What lessons from the program would you share?

Everything is about people and relationships. It may sound simple but most of your challenges can only be overcome with colleagues.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself in a plant manager position or any other role where I can contribute more to the business.




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