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Heraklith - Wood Wool Insulation Inspired by Nature

Heraklith wood wool insulation is a natural product that combines fire resistance with superior acoustic and thermal performance in a durable and eco-friendly product which provides an all-in-one, no-compromise solution for your insulation needs. It is available in a variety of surface textures, colours, and sizes that allow you to customise its use to meet a wide array of design requirements.

You can use Heraklith wood wool insulation boards in a variety of applications, such as ceilings, external walls, loft floors, pitched roofs of residential or non-residential buildings, agricultural buildings, and even neighbourhoods in proximity to railroads and other sources of noise. And in addition to their primary features of fire resistanceacoustic and thermal performancedurability, and eco-friendliness, they are easy to install and reduce construction time, because their surfaces are pre-finished. They are also naturally attractive, moisture proof, and mould resistant.

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