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Health & Safety
Health & Safety

Indoor comfort means as well clean indoor air

As we spend around 90% of our time indoors it is essential that the Mineral Wool insulation we put into our buildings is fire safe and free of harmful ingredients.

Declare Red List Free Label

Certified free of harmful ingredients

SUPAFIL® is the first European Blowing Wool to be independently certified free of any harmful Red List substances by the International Living Future Institute’s Declare label.

Declare demands high levels of transparency so this certification is an important public declaration that demonstrates SUPAFIL contains no Red List ingredients such as added formaldehyde, fire-retardant additives such as boric acid or anti-fungal  chemicals.


eurofins certification clean indoor air guarantied

Certified Eurofins Gold for Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality (IAQ) has become an important well-being issue in buildings with increasing concerns about emissions from chemicals in furniture, floorings, wallpapers, adhesives, varnishes, glues and building materials.

Unhealthy emissions known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are known to cause eye irritation, headaches, nausea, allergies, tiredness or respiratory issues and disrupt concentration.

SUPAFIL contains no added formaldehyde, no boric acids or flame retardants and no pesticides or fungicides and is certified Eurofins Gold for Indoor Air Quality — renowned as the most comprehensive IAQ certification in Europe.


fire community

Classified fire safe

Fire safety should be top of everyone’s agenda when it comes to buildings.

Fire not only devastates the lives of those who use buildings along with their families and friends, it also jeopardises the safety of rescue teams and has a huge impact on the surrounding community with a long-lasting impact on the environment.

SUPAFIL is classified as A1 fire safe in line with European standard EN 13501 and non-combustible in accordance with EN ISO 1182. In tests, smoke emissions from the Blowing Wool were found to be “absent or weak” with no flaming droplets.

Due to SUPAFIL’s 99% glass composition, the Blowing Wool prevents the rapid spread of fire limiting danger to occupants and damage to buildings. In addition, SUPAFIL shows no propensity to smouldering combustion.


SF Lambda Chart-resized
Classification of building products and construction types according to fire behaviour (according to EN 13501)
A1 s1-d0
A1 = non-combustible Test in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1182; no contribution to fire
Smoke emission level s1 = smoke emission absent or weak
Flaming droplets and/or particles production d0 = no dripping in 600 s