HARRISON GUSTOT - Graduate Trainee Engineer

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Harrison Gustot

The Graduate Trainee Engineer (Process Engineer) started with Knauf Insulation in February and is from Belgium.

Where do I see myself in five years? There are many interesting positions, either in the plants or central division. I want to progress as far as possible.
Harrison Gustot

Why is the graduate program important to you?

It allows me to learn about manufacturing and the global functioning of a multi-national company quickly and in depth. It includes inductions to each of the company’s divisions, helping us understand the key activities required and meeting our new colleagues. Within the technical division, we will have training on manufacturing processes for Glass Mineral Wool, Rock Mineral Wool and Wood Wool. We also have the opportunity to visit plants in different countries and discover different working environments and cultures.

What does it contribute to Knauf Insulation?

By giving us such a global training we will have a wide view of the company and specific knowledge, making us able to think about solutions being compliant with the requirements of different divisions. We will also be available for a variety of positions after the program.

How does it enhance company culture?

This program fits perfectly with Knauf Insulation values of partnership, commitment, entrepreneurship and Menschlichkeit (humanity). The long term vision of this program corresponds to the strategy of the company. The fact that the company is still family-owned contributes to this strategy and the striving for quality of the products and work environment.

How does it build on Continuous Improvement? Safety? And customer-centricity?

These are the three pillars of Knauf Insulation and a vital part of the program. By travelling and having an overview of the different divisions, we are exposed to different new findings. So, we can share and participate in global progress.

What lessons from the program would you share?

Be curious and never be afraid to ask.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

There are many interesting positions, either in the plants and in the central division. It will depend on the positions that are vacant and the results I will deliver during the program, but I want to progress as far as possible.



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