Giuliana Rivituso - Process & Quality Manager

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Giuliana Rivituso

Giuliana is Knauf Insulation’s Process & Quality Manager at Johor Bahru in Malaysia.

How did I handle bias? I kept my motivation high, carried on working with the team and showed — day after day— that the bias was misguided.
Giuliana Rivituso

What bias have you seen or experienced in your working career?

Some people did not believe in my abilities to work and lead the Hot End area of the plant — with 12 local operators reporting to me — because it is considered heavy industry’.

How did you handle the bias when it happened?

I believe in myself. I know my abilities and I know I can always push myself harder. Comments from people are just words. I kept my motivation high, carried on working with the team and showed — day after day — that the bias was misguided.

What have you — or others — done to support your career?

I work honestly and openly with the team and have gained their trust by demonstrating strong technical knowledge and decisive self-confidence. We are all part of Knauf Insulation and we work together towards the same purpose according to Knauf values.  

What advice would you give to a female colleague joining Knauf Insulation today?

Never stop following your beliefs and dreams. Do not give up, and if sometimes you lose confidence in yourself just think: you, me and all of us have nothing less than others on this planet.

What needs to be done to support women and tackle bias in the workplace?

We need to be more attentive to people and situations. Women are sadly considered weak, and that’s not true. A women’s community with a mix of groups and departments needs to be created with workshops and meetings where women can discuss their issues and be supported.


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