Giuliana Rivituso - International Process Engineer

Giuliana Rivituso, International Process Engineer
Giuliana Rivituso

International Process Engineer with our Illange startup plant team (within the International Graduate Program) has been with Knauf Insulation for 16 months.

When we have clearly defined the problem then the creativity starts and the best of engineering pops out.
Giuliana Rivituso

Why did you choose engineering?

Since primary school I enjoyed Chemistry, Maths and Physics. Engineering constantly drives technological progress and I love learning and finding solutions to problems. I believe an engineer’s role is to find solutions to existing problems and, often, identify what the problem is in the first place. When we have clearly defined the problem then the creativity starts and the best of engineering pops out.

What advice would you give women considering a career in engineering?

Keep motivation high and your learning constant. I have a strong belief in women in engineering. Circumstances can be difficult at times, so we need to make a clear difference from the beginning and show how capable we can be by demonstrating our flexibility, multi-tasking approach and precision.

What makes Knauf Insulation special?

A strong belief in the company’s values and the great examples of high-level managers. People are important, respect is essential and commitment links everyone. This creates a solid well-structured organisation.

What has been a career highlight?

To have been selected for the International Program from more than 600 engineer applications worldwide. My job offers highlights every day because the program provides challenging tasks and the opportunity to rapidly grow professionally.

What needs to be done to encourage more women to join the construction industry?

The construction industry is not a ‘male’ environment. Women are able to follow the same professional path as men. Sometimes it might not seem easy, but with persistence we can achieve good positions and demonstrate what we can achieve.



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