GIULIANA RIVITUSO - International Process Engineer

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Giuliana Rivituso

The International Process Engineer is from Italy and started working with Knauf Insulation in February 2018

The program puts us in contact with many people, plants and levels, so we get a clear understanding of company structure, culture and vision.
Giuliana Rivituso

Why is the graduate program important to you?

It is important for good, solid professional growth. Knauf Insulation is creating new engineers with a strong technical background in insulation manufacturing. All of the graduate engineers are coming from a theoretical university environment and now have switched to the full practical approach of business. Our student approach makes us always question and by trying to understand basic theory and the root cause of problems we discover advantageous results. We also receive great support from experienced people and our learning never ends.

What does it contribute to Knauf Insulation?

Young people are flexible, keen to discover and travel. To work in different countries is easy and now most young motivated engineers look for that. Passion and motivation are our key distinctive points. We aim to involve all employees in stronger partnerships and a commitment approach to daily work.

How does the program enhance company culture?

We are constantly in contact with different people, from all plants, from all backgrounds and we see good examples and good behaviour from everybody. We aim to always improve by sharing best practices from one country to another, adapting ideas rather than simply copying. The program structure puts us in contact with many people, plants and levels, so we get a clear understanding of company structure, culture and vision. In this way the global goal of the company is aligned and everybody contributes in the same direction.

How does it build on Continuous Improvement? Safety? And customer-centricity?

As strategic pillars of the company it is clear that people are the common link for all three words.

People is one of the five dimensions of Knauf Continuous Improvement culture – we are the new people and we aim to be the future of the company. We are working hard on values, good examples and best practices. If we implement that in daily tasks we can achieve a good outcome.

There is nothing more important than behaviour when it comes to improving safety and a preventative approach. Safety is more than PPE, rules and procedures — we can be safe if we care for each other and take immediate action to prevent unsafe behaviours.

With customer-centricity of course people are our clients and we take care to ensure they are satisfied and fulfilled. As a part of an international program these three important words have been transmitted to us since day one as key factors — but it is through people we can achieve our goal.

What lessons from the program would you share with colleagues around the world?

Turn difficulties into a challenge and you will be successful. After overcoming problems you will not consider them as difficulties anymore and a deep learning from the past will shape the way you are at present and give you more chance for a better future.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself in a Knauf Insulation plant, ready to contribute and share my proposals, getting support from my solid network across the company — thanks to the international program — and happy to share my knowledge with my team and the people, leading them along a successful improvement path.



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