Blowing wool (BW)

List of Blowing Wool products for which EPD's are available


TechnologyTypeProduct RangeProductThickness (mm)Program OperatorStandardLanguage
BWloose-Supafil Cavity Wall 034 - ECO Platform / IBUEN 15804EN
BWloose-Supafil Timber Frame 034 - ECO Platform / IBUEN 15804EN 
BWloose-Supafil Loft 045 - ECO Platform / IBUEN 15804EN
BWloose-Supafil 0.040 - 0.045 (UK) - ECO platform / BREEN 15804EN
BWloose-Supafil and Jet Stream® 0.037 - 0.042 W/mK (UK) - ECO platform / BREEN 15804EN
BWloose-Supafil® 0.034 - 0.036 W/mK (UK)  - ECO platform / BREEN 15804EN
BWloose-Supafil® Frame 0.033 W/mK (UK)  - ECO platform / BREEN 15804EN
BWloose-JetStream Ultra® (US) - ULISO 14025EN
BWlooseJetSpray System  -ECO platform / IBUEN 15804EN
BWloose-Supafil Loft 045 -IniesEN ISO 14052 & EN 15804FR
BWloose-Thermo Loft -Inies
 EN ISO 14052 & EN 15804


We continually update this list of EPDs, which is a collation of EPDs published on the national databases listed below. We believe each EPD should give the right information for every products listed on the EPD. Our EPDs (with the exception of the French FDES) are published using the unit m³ and is therefore applicable to a number of thicknesses.


If you cannot find the EPD you are looking for, please contact [email protected]