Customers share insight

Customers share insight
October 23, 2019

Feedback Forum

We invited six key customers to discuss how Knauf Insulation inspires customer-centric success.

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Johann Traupmann is one of the co-founders of Pichler & Traupmann Architekten (PXT), a practice in Austria. PXT projects include the futuristic ÖAMTC centre in Vienna, for the country's largest mobility club. The centre houses more than 800 employees and has won numerous architectural and construction awards.

“Technical support is vital for architects.We are grateful for the technical support we have received from Knauf Insulation at many critical points in projects. For example, at present we have a performing arts centre project that offers serious acoustic challenges and Knauf Insulation has always been available to help us tackle these issues. Architecture depends on deeply informed technical insight, so I would urge Knauf Insulation to continue to support architects and always be available.

“Sustainability informs every aspect of buildings today and we need to focus on recyclability, dismantling and flexible products we can reuse.

“Building space use is another critical aspect of sustainability. We need to know how we can maximise every centimetre of building space to meet the demands of population growth.”

Dmitry Timoshenko is Purchasing Manager for Leroy Merlin in Russia which has 96 stores across the country. Knauf Insulation has developed new DIY solutions with the company. 

Customer feedback - Dimitry Timoshenko

“We started a new DIY range with Knauf Insulation in 2016. We worked together on everything from the name and packaging to the product and have changed the market.

Our business is growing by high double digits year on year. Insulation needs to come a long way to educate customers.

How much does it really cost in the long term? Companies need to sell education to customers to understand the long-term savings they will achieve.”

Customer feedback -  Denis Brouwer

Denis Brouwer is CEO of Jongeneel, a Dutch building materials distribution company that dates back to 1797. We have been a partner with Jongeneel for decades.

“People do business with people. You have good people and you have superior products. Your challenge is that you are product driven, if you look beyond, outside your products, you will do better.

“When you explain an economical model in a way people can understand, it makes a difference. The only way to sell is to listen to customers and that is what you are doing.”

Emmanuel Pauwels is the founder of Green Living Projects in Spain which focuses on green building from conception to completion. Our solutions have been chosen for the company’s high-profile projects.

Customer forum - Emmanuel Pauwels

“Sustainability must really drive innovation. For example, for the Government of Catalonia campus we used LEEDv4 ahead of its launch. When it came to insulation only Knauf Insulation products with ECOSE Technology® were compliant.

“The food industry is a fantastic example of genuine innovation. People want to know what is in their food and soon we will want to know what we are putting in our products and buildings.

Knauf Insulation must keep innovating and continue to have a clear goal of where it wants to go.”

Customer forum - Saulius Maisevičius

Saulius Maisevičius is the CEO of SVM BALTIC, a Lithuanian company which creates wooden modular buildings across 11 countries. Our solutions are used in their timber frames.

“We use Knauf Insulation in our prefabricated modular houses.
The company is one of our strongest partners providing great support across a range of different technical requirements in a variety of different countries.

“Your people and products are great and we have a good chemistry.
The biggest challenge that we face is that each different country applies different regulations, for example, for acoustic performance, fire or weather conditions — so we appreciate the customised technical support we get from your company.”

Božo Černila is the CEO of Trimo Group, a leading European sandwich panel producer. Knauf Insulation has been working with Trimo for more than 20 years.

Feedback forum customers

“We are an innovative company that needs quality solutions, but what is equally important for us is that at critical points in our company’s growth Knauf Insulation has never let us down.

That trust has deepened over the years because Knauf Insulation demonstrates a human approach that consistently ensures a close, productive level of cooperation.”


Header picture: Heraklith® Tektalan A2 was chosen for the ÖAMTC Centre basement and parking area — acoustic performance, appearance and fire safety were key considerations.






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