CHARLES POUZIN - Supply Chain Manager

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Charles Pouzin
Charles Pouzin

Our new Supply Chain Manager in Malaysia has worked for Knauf Insulation for five years following two internships in Eastern Europe as an Operations Trainee, one VIE based in Prague as Operations Project Leader for Eastern Europe, then as Sales & Operations Planning Leader for Europe & EMEA based in Belgium.

VIE gave me responsibilities that would typically be attributed to more experienced professionals.
Charles Pouzin

What attracted you to the VIE scheme? Why was is it important to you?

I actually heard about VIE after two internships at Knauf Insulation in Eastern Europe. It turned out to be a good alternative to a local contract in Prague. The fact that it was for a defined period was a good test to assess in real conditions whether I would enjoy working abroad or not with a possibility to return.

VIE encourages international mobility, why is this important to you?

VIE makes the move abroad easier both for the company and the candidate. This helped me start a journey with Knauf Insulation internationally that suited my will to see different countries and cultures as part of my professional experiences.

What is your role now?

I am currently Supply Chain Manager for our new factory in Malaysia. This involves managing material flows both upstream and downstream of the manufacturing process such as logistics, procurement and warehousing.

How has the programme help you develop professionally? And how has your manager helped?

VIE is a contract, it gave Knauf Insulation and myself the opportunity to work together. What helped me develop professionally was the environment I was working in. I can define this environment in four elements: my manager acted as a mentor; colleagues around me welcomed me warmly and helped me learn and grow; this was the company for me, a group with a medium-size company mindset; and the fantastically diverse region that is Eastern Europe.

How has VIE accelerated your career?

It gave me the opportunity to work abroad for my first job which is sometime reserved for more senior profiles and it gave me responsibilities that would typically be attributed to a more experienced professional. This was enabled and encouraged by my manager.



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