Ceiling insulation in new build and renovation

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Suspended Ceiling Insulation

Suspended ceilings

Suspended ceilings are commonly found in new builds and renovated properties. The cavity is often used for household infrastructure such as plumbing, venting and lighting. Suspended ceilings reduce the room volume, allowing for more efficient heating. In order to increase further energy efficiency and for soundproofing, these ceilings also benefit from proper insulation. 

At Knauf Insulation, our Mineral Wool solutions are highly efficient at preventing heat loss and reducing noise transmission, as well as providing fire protection. They are ideal for insulating ceiling cavities. 

Suspended ceiling insulation

Suspended ceilings between floors of a building are ideal for insulation as often there is ample space for insulation materials. Insulation between storeys is invisible and very efficient. A Mineral Wool layer made of slabs or rolls is placed on the supporting structure to prevent noise transfer, either to other rooms or apartments – or from road or air traffic outside.

Garage ceiling insulation

Parking garage ceilings are often made of concrete, presenting a different challenge for the insulation fitter. Our Rock Mineral Wool insulation and Wood Wool insulation solutions are the best solutions for these circumstances. Used together or individually, they prevent cold and noise rising through the ceiling, which is particularly important when offices or apartments are located above the garage. 

Installation Suspended Ceiling Insulation
Heraklith Wood Wool Insulation Garage Ceiling

Good reasons to choose for inter storey insulation

  • Compressible on sides for an improved installation with no gaps
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • High level of acoustic insulation
  • Excellent sound absorbing properties
  • Absorption of external noise (e.g. traffic)
  • Fire protection
  • Easy to install
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