CAMILLA SALTINI - International Process Engineer

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Camilla Saltini
Camilla Saltini

The International Process Engineer has been working with Knauf Insulation since February 2018 and is from Italy.

The program shows how Knauf Insulation invests in young talent. Graduates are active team members and can initiate new ideas supported by strong teams. They are encouraged to take responsibility and project ownership.
Camilla Saltini

Why is the program important to you?

It is a unique challenging and exciting career experience. Young graduates have the possibility of three years of training and active work on international projects in the Glass Mineral Wool and Rock Mineral Wool technologies. It allows them to develop technical skills and have a cross-functional knowledge regarding products, business projects and teams, giving us the big picture across one of the world’s largest insulation manufacturers.

What does the program contribute to Knauf Insulation?

Fresh graduates contribute by bringing enthusiasm and energy to the work place and a broader network to produce and encourage innovative ideas. After three years, Knauf Insulation can count on active team members, aligned with the company values to contribute to its growth.

How does the program enhance company culture?

The program contains at its essence all four Knauf Values. It shows Knauf Insulation invests in people and younger generations. With the program, graduates are active team members with the possibility to encourage new ideas, think outside the box supported by strong teams and they are encouraged to take responsibility and project ownership.

How does the program build on Continuous Improvement? Safety? And customer-centricity?

The Knauf Graduate Program is built on these Knauf pillars. First, graduates need to model outstanding safety behaviour —always with open eyes — ready to act with responsibility and to encourage team members to take ownership of safety.

All five dimensions of the Continuous Improvement framework are strong parts of the program: Vision and Goals, Work Place Standard, People, Leadership and Improvement System. Looking at the People dimension, the program is a process of training and developing graduates ensuring their continuous improvement, giving them the possibility contribute more to the company.

Graduates are also trained to use Improvement Systems Tools — such as Lean techniques, Six Sigma, Root Cause Analysis — taking every opportunity to learn from successes or mistakes and use these to drive the business forward. We are trained to listen to the customer’s voice and deliver the best value product, aligned to customer demands to achieve customer satisfaction.

What lessons from the program would you share?

The possibility to travel around production sites and being in contact with people from different cultures allows me to acquire great lessons from top management to line operators. What I would like to share is to always be curious in your daily work. This leads to new ideas, higher team motivation and job satisfaction allowing you to go the extra mile.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Now I am excited about my career path and proud to be part of Knauf Insulation. I have the privilege to work with knowledgeable managers and colleagues, developing my professional and personal skills to the best. In five years I would like to achieve a managerial position in manufacturing sharing all my learnings and experiences with the team.



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