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Better together

As a company we recognise the need to implement conscious, deliberate strategies that maximise the strength of our diversity.

At Knauf Insulation we are at the beginning of an exciting journey to challenge ourselves be even more inclusive and to build on the diversity that has made the company such a success.

Lisa Flaherty, HR Director Northern Europe, says: “Members of our Diversity and Inclusion Working Group from every function and region have been working to ensure real engagement across all aspects of our business, assessing the needs of different regions and examining new ways to nurture the differences that make us unique.”

“The business case for diversity and inclusion is clear. It improves innovation, productivity and reduces turnover. The moral case is indisputable, we all deserve respect, whoever we are. We want all our employees to be equally supported, valued and enabled to achieve their true potential. A diverse culture in which we all thrive fuels creativity and allows success for all. Our priority is now finding out how to ensure Knauf Insulation is a more diverse business in future.”

Diversity and Inclusion vision

“We embrace diversity and inclusion to welcome, support, grow and inspire our people equally. Connecting to our Knauf values of Entrepreneurship, Commitment, Partnership and Menschlichkeit, we strive to create an enriching experience for all employees For A Better World. Together we achieve more.”

Since 2020, members of senior management have been taking part in diversity and inclusion workshops. There has been a focus on improving the company’s data and understanding what is important to each region. Inspiration has also been provided from our USG sister company in North America which has been working in this area for several years.

The work is in line with our sustainability strategy For A Better World. By 2025 we have committed to ensuring all leaders, managers and new joiners undergo diversity and inclusion training to equip them with the skills, language and behaviours to maximise inclusion as well as developing diversity and inclusion training for employees as part of our education and training.

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Members of Knauf Insulation’s Diversity and Inclusion Working Group discuss why diversity and inclusion matters.

Magdalena Pyszkowski
Magdalena Pyszkowski

Group Market Manager and Head of Non-Residential

“Being part of this group and facilitating one of the pilot programmes, gives me the trust that manufacturing companies in the construction sector are open to invite more diverse candidates into the industry, where we, as individuals can bring our knowledge and uniqueness to contribute not only to the company’s missions and objectives but also to our own development.”

David Lieberman
David Lieberman

Plant Manager Bernburg, Germany

“Engaging with conversations about diversity and inclusion with my international colleagues I have learned to appreciate how ‘together we can achieve more’. The perspectives shared by a diverse team, where everyone feels comfortable and encouraged to contribute have resulted in enriched dialogue and surprising results which repeatedly exceeded expectations.”

Ondrej Sramek
Ondrej Šrámek

Corporate Affairs Director, Eastern Europe

“Diversity, inclusion and gender parity make good business sense in terms of productivity, innovation and a positive company culture, but fundamentally on a human level, working in diverse teams is always more fun and more exciting.”

Asif Dar
Asif Dar

Systems & Services Development Manager, Northern Europe

“I believe our company values can be easily linked to diversity and inclusion and I believe Knauf Insulation will strive to deliver an industry best Diversity and Inclusion workplace. My goal is to take all available learning and apply it to my day-to-day work in a way that supports diversity and inclusion at Knauf Insulation.”

Pascale Bruwier
Pascale Bruwier

Group Procurement Manager

“It is vital each person is treated equally and recognised according to their own merit regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, beliefs or sexual orientation. Being able to evolve within a professional environment which fosters these values is inspirational and provides me with a sense of purpose within Knauf Insulation.”


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