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It takes up to 6 kg of virgin plastic to wrap up a pallet of 300 kg of Knauf Insulation’s Glass Mineral Wool.

Such high volumes of plastic use are unacceptable. That is why the For A Better World sustainability strategy commits the company to reducing its virgin plastic film packaging usage by more than 25% by 2025 and where possible to taking back between 25% and 50% of plastic film from customers for recycling.

Knauf Insulation is continuing to work to improve packaging solutions with plastics suppliers to ensure that there is an even balance between reducing weight and maintaining packet strength when packets are compressed.

Reducing virgin plastic use is a commitment of Knauf Insulation’s circular economy journey: using 30% of recycled plastic material in our packaging can help us to decrease by 25% the carbon footprint of the plastic packaging.

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In the UK, the company has introduced packaging that uses a minimum of 30% of recycled content in line with For A Better World, as well as industry-leading compression technology. The packaging of Glass Mineral Wool also further improved as it uses considerably less ink than before, making it easier to recycle.

In addition in the UK, customers can now enjoy 15% more product per roll and 25% more packs per pallet for slabs, on certain product lines, following the introduction of the new packaging. This means fewer trucks on the road, less CO2 emissions and less packaging used per m2 of insulation.



Leading the way in recyclable packaging 

Knauf Insulation’s product packaging will soon change in the EU area* and will look like at the header image above. Our ‘More think. Less ink.’ initiative is aimed not just at meeting our sustainability commitments, but also at helping our customers and industry partners achieve theirs.

Our new overwraps feature a maximum of two colours on a white base film and up to 70% less ink** (15-18% coverage). The new designs are consistent, easily distinguishable and will simplify the storage and handling of our products. Above all, this packaging is easier to recycle with less energy consumption.

* UK and Asia Pacific are not included
** Compared to our current packaging



Around 25 million cubic metres of wood are used for distribution packaging and pallets in Europe, according to the Packaging From Nature organisation. 

With 90% of pallets manufactured from timber, it is important to optimise the use of this natural resource.

That is why Knauf Insulation has committed to reuse 35% of wooden pallets used for its Mineral Wool products through collecting, sorting and repairing them.

The company is having the initiatives in place in the UK, Belgium, France, Netherlands and Germany to collect these pallets and reuse them, and is looking for the ways to further increase the coverage of such schemes.

In addition in Turkey success stories include the company’s Eskişehir plant, which reused internally 6,270 pallets in 2020, saving around 87 tonnes of timber.

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