Ayşe Okumuş - Maintenance Planner

Ayşe Okumuş, Maintenance Planner
Ayşe Okumuş

Maintenance Planner at our Eskisehir plant, has worked at Knauf Insulation for 17 months.

The main task to encourage more women to join the construction industry is down to the employer.
Ayşe Okumuş

Why did you choose engineering?

Because I like to repair, create and find solutions. More importantly, I believe that women can do anything men can do.

What advice would you offer women considering a career in engineering?

Young women choosing a career need to know that being an engineer is a privilege. And being a female engineer is an even greater privilege. Women are strong, smart and talented and can take up engineering as easily as any other profession.

What makes Knauf Insulation special in your opinion?

Knauf Insulation values​​ and respects its employees and relationships and friendships between employees are very positive. This is important to me.

What needs to be done to encourage more women to join the construction industry?

The main task is down to the employer. Sectors such as construction, machinery and metals are accepted as male and don’t employ women. However, one of the leading companies in Turkey has a motto — ‘He for she’ — and hires women engineers in many departments. This is a major step forward for developing countries like ours and I’m hoping it will become widespread.


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