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Asif is the Systems and Services Manager within the Technical Department of Knauf Insulation Northern Europe in St Helens, UK.


Advice for colleagues to support women? Make a concerted effort to try and understand how women within the business view the business.
Asif Dar

How do you support your female colleagues at work?

If and where I perceive a need to represent my female colleagues by being inclusive, I will. I will also seek to recruit women for positions in under-represented areas providing that person is the best candidate for the role on offer.

How is the Knauf Insulation workplace different for men than women?

Firstly as men, we are not a minority group in our workplace or our industry to that matter. As a group we are represented at all levels and in nearly all situations. Unfortunately I think that this still makes it easier for males be heard and to develop rapport with our peers certainly in technical roles within the business. There are so many subtleties, that as a male, it is often hard to perceive the impact on women unless those differences are discussed and brought to the fore.

How can we redress the balance at Knauf Insulation?

I think by targeted messaging in the recruitment process amongst others, and by internal focus groups where women in the organisation can air their views and experiences with male colleagues so we have a unique Knauf Insulation shared concept of what the female experience is like within the business.

What would you recommend to others to support female colleagues more?

Try to consider how any under-represented group can be integrated into Knauf Insulation when you have the chance to do so. Moreover, in the first instance, make a concerted effort to try and understand how women within the business view the business whether you are of the same gender or not.


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