Anastasia Parlali - International Graduate Engineer

Anastasia Parlali, International Graduate Engineer
Anastasia Parlali

International Graduate Engineer, has been with Knauf Insulation for four months.

More women are choosing engineering — breaking stereotypes — and proving every day that they can do this.
Anastasia Parlali

Why did you choose engineering?

I think that engineering chose me. I grew up in an industrial environment and it has always been my dream to work as an engineer. I find it fascinating to contribute to the production process.

What advice would you offer women considering a career in engineering?

Go for it and chase your dream. It is true that engineering is still a male-dominated profession but more women are choosing it — breaking stereotypes — and proving every day that they can do this.

What makes Knauf Insulation special?

Knauf Insulation offers a dynamic working environment full of opportunities to evolve professionally and personally. Knauf Insulation values are a great guide for everyone and I feel lucky to be a part of a pioneering industry that launched ECOSE Technology and has a clear mission to save energy worldwide.

What has been a career highlight?

Being selected for the Knauf Insulation International Graduate Program. The next will be to complete my Glass Mineral Wool training.

What needs to be done to encourage more women to join the construction industry?

I think young students are usually not exposed to engineering and industrial environments in contrast with other professions, so the perception that the engineering world is hostile for women is still ongoing. Construction companies could initiate student visits for young students — especially women — to get familiar with engineering.



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