Anastasia Parlali - International Graduate Engineer

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Anastasia Parlali
Anastasia Parlali

The International Graduate Engineer is from Greece and has been working for Knauf Insulation for five months

What advice would I offer? I would highlight the importance of being open to mobility and flexibility. We shouldn’t consider barriers between countries nowadays. Engineering is worldwide.
Anastasia Parlali

Why is the graduate program important to you?

It is a great opportunity for a career starter like me. Even if this program is technically orientated, we get insight into all aspects of the company and the bigger picture following training sessions for Research and Development, Marketing, Purchasing, Logistics and Finance.

I believe that receiving a training and working in process for both Glass Mineral Wool and Rock Mineral Wool provides a beneficial global perspective of the industry. I have been also been deep diving into different process area challenges and that has extremely rewarding. I have also acquired great networking contacts during training sessions and meetings with people from plants worldwide.

What does it contribute to Knauf Insulation?

Having young people trained both in Glass and Rock Mineral Wool technology provides the company with great benefits, to have the option to use employees in whichever technology there is a need and whenever there is a need. Also since we are all career starters, the company can shape our professional traits and characteristics in line with its values and needs.

How does it enhance company culture?

This program is in clear alignment with Knauf Insulation values, vision and mission. By hiring and training young employees, the company invests in innovation and sustainability.

How does it build on Continuous Improvement? Safety? And customer centricity?

The whole program, is based on these strategic pillars. All projects assigned to graduates are focused on improving current processes, dealing with challenges and aligning with customer needs and satisfaction. Safety is a highly important objective for all employees which is being highlighted within the program by taking part in Knauf Insulation safety initiatives, attending DEA formation and the HSE Summit.

What lessons from the program would you share?

I would highlight the importance of being open to mobility and flexibility as a professional. Nowadays we should not consider barriers between countries and we should be motivated to help any plant within the company to achieve its goals. Engineering is worldwide.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself in one of the Knauf Insulation global plants working as a process engineer. I would like to have gained enough experience and knowledge to be able to contribute to the company’s growth, mission and vision. Also I would like to be an active member within Knauf Insulation society, taking part in Knauf Insulation initiatives and activities.





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