A decade of success

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10 years ECOSE Technology


Our sustainability journey started in 2009 with the launch of our ECOSE Technology®, a revolutionary binder with no added formaldehyde. Two years later came a recognition that after a decade of significant growth we needed to think differently about the future of our business.


Drawing on expertise from across the company in 2011, we set long-term aims that focused on more sustainable operations — from zero carbon and enhanced management systems to employee welfare and products with a low environmental impact across their lifecycle. We also committed to lead the charge in energy efficiency.


Promising ambition was easy, but we wanted to demonstrate concrete commitment. In 2012 we established mid-term targets for 2020 focusing on reducing energy use, CO2 emissions, Lost Time Accidents (LTA), waste to landfill and water discharge.


By 2016 we had achieved two critical successes — four years ahead of our deadline — and cut our CO2 and energy use by 20% against our 2010 baseline. A year later, we achieved our target to reduce LTAs by 50%.


In 2017 we aligned our strategy with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) adopted by United Nations Member States. The goals set specific targets for 2030 and are described by the UN as a “blueprint for a better more sustainable future for all” focusing on issues of poverty, inequality, climate action and environmental responsibility.


Over the years we have learned how sustainability is a process of continuous improvement that requires everybody’s expertise and involvement. We have constantly found new ways to drive change and keep sustainability at the heart of everything we do. Setting targets was just the start — maintaining continuous momentum has been key to our success.


As we came to the end of our mid-term targets, sustainability issues continue to force companies to go beyond business as usual. We must do more for our people and our environment. That’s why we’ve created our new sustainability strategy and strengthened our commitment to sustainability by defining new milestone targets for 2025. We call the new strategy ‘For A Better World’ because it builds on the success of our mission statement: “Our vision is to lead the change in smarter insulation solutions for a better world.”



For A Better World, Knauf Insulation Sustainability Strategy
For A Better World

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