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The need is clear.

Digitalization is bringing many changes and challenges into the construction industry. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a very key part of this movement, enabling access to relevant data and information within the design and construction of buildings. BIM facilitates collaboration and transparency in the construction process, reducing design errors and saving time and money spend on any building project.

Knauf Insulation is providing quality BIM information.

We are taking the challenge of digitalization and BIM seriously and already provide BIM catalogues in many countries. Our BIM catalogues contain reliable data, coming directly from the manufacturer, which are carefully selected in such a way as to provide complete performance information for easy use. As well as this complete performance information our BIM catalogues also contain integrated data on green building indicators for the creation of fast LCA (Life Cycle Assessments).

We want your help to improve!

For Knauf Insulation this is just the first step, we will not stop at just providing BIM catalogues, we are aiming to continuously improve the service and content for our customers. So, we would be very happy to hear any comments from you that would help to make our BIM content even more reliable, complete and user friendly.

Knauf Insulation and BIM

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BIM article
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BIM Infographic
To design lifecycle-optimised buildings with healthy, comfortable working and living conditions, ATP uses BIM product data information from manufacturers like Knauf Insulation.
Prof. Christoph M. Achammer, CEO ATP architects engineers


Please visit the local website in our countries to go to your BIM environment and/or download the Knauf Insulation BIM catalogues.