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We're continuing to implement our Triple-E Sustainable People Strategy, where we aim to Energise, Enable and Engage our employees.This year we began implementing our Triple-E Sustainable People Strategy, where we aim to Energise, Enable and Engage our employees.

Energise: foundation, strength, dynamic, inclusion
We're working to ensure that the experience of employees is founded on physical and emotional safety and wellbeing. To promote health and fitness at work we have new health initiatives as part of a sustainable workplace programme. 'Safety' in this context also means empowering employees to talk openly with others, so revealing other ways of working for wider benefits. 

We are also working on developing the strengths of employees. A sensible work-life balance will help productivity and loyalty. From strength derives resilience in the face of change. To be dynamic, we believe our employees should be informed and inspired by their leaders so we will work to ensure leaders in Knauf Insulation support and motivate their teams.For inclusion we have a hugely diverse workforce, Germany and Belgium have the highest mix of nationalities with 14 and 10 different nationalities respectively. The sense of belonging is imperative and initiatives such as our cross-cultural learning workshops reinforce understanding between the project teams. We also have the Longterm Assignment Policy, which harmonises expatriate conditions and helps the transition of employees from abroad. We're also working to ensure employees are respected equally, regardless of age, race or sex. We recorded a higher proportion of female employees at our operations in Ukraine, Spain and Romania. Our gender ratio. 


Enable: develop, stretch, support

Our sustainable people strategy aims to develop the skills and performance of our employees. To develop the skills of our people we have increased learning programmes this year, delivering 18.8 hours of training per employee, up from 16.8 hours in 2010. We're also working to introduce impactful behaviours to Knauf Insulation. This year the Global HR conference focused on sustainable leadership with a group of leading experts and senior executives from Knauf Insulation were invited to share their experiences and opinions on how to responsibly lead a sustainable company. We want to enable people through learning programmes, but also through stretching them to achieve their potential, by working on how to improve the management of employee performance and building on the success of the E-Appraisal through clear roles and mandates as well as challenging employees to go further. 

We're also working on how to better support our employees through trust and a collaborative mindset which will enable them to perform more efficiently. 


Engage: driven by values, getting perspective and equitable differences


Our employees’ seniority is now eight years on average and we believe that our people are engaged when they are strongly connected with the company’s goals and values. We aim to further inspire engagement by placing the right values at the heart of our operations. Our four values are commitment, partnership, entrepreneurship and "menschlichkeit' (the human aspect). We're working to ensure our employees understand and share the business vision and also ensure that individual potential is realized through career management and succession planning. We strongly believe that equitable differences motivate employees to perform better and go the extra mile. As such, we will incentivise our employees and reward performance and competencies.


More health initiatives
Healthy employees are core to sustainable operations. We are kicking off a number of initiatives to promote a
more healthy and sustainable working environment. Advice covers ergonomic work stations, office comfort levels,
healthy eating, and ‘afterwork’ activities.



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