Management board

TThies Knauf (CEO)hies Knauf
CEO Knauf Insulation Group



Christopher Griffin (Northern America)Christopher Griffin
CEO North America

Dominique Bossan (Eastern Europe)Dominique Bossan
Managing Director
Eastern Europe

Jens NilssonJens Nilsson
Group Chief Financial Officer

Mark Leverton (Western Europe)Mark Leverton
Managing Director
Western Europe

Pavel Vishnyakov  (Russia and CIS)Pavel Vishnyakov
Managing Director
Russia and CIS

David DucarmeDavid Ducarme
Group Technical Director

John Sinfield (Northen Europe)John Sinfield
Managing Director 
Northern Europe

Michael Huesmann (Central Europe)Michael Huesmann
Managing Director
Central Europe

Patrice BriolPatrice Briol
Group HR Director


Saša BavecSaša Bavec
Group Marketing Director