Corporate sustainability

Energy and CO2

Our biggest energy impact by far comes from manufacturing. But we are also reducing the energy impact of office operations, product transportation and employee travel.

Resource Use

To achieve zero negative impact on resource use, we’re pushing recycled content and getting a better grip on our impacts through Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). Thanks to LCA, we able to better understand how our use of materials, like recycled content, affects various key performance Indicators.

Waste and Water Emissions

Waste is a key issue at Knauf Insulation, so much so that we’ve committed to achieving zero waste to landfill by 2020. And to achieve zero waste water discharge, we’ve committed to a 50% reduction of waste water by 2020, both for office and manufacturing.

Health and Safety

Our aim is to have zero harm in our workplace. Behaviour workshops, monthly reports, a renewed and stronger focus on the investigation of incidents combined with a new online system to record the causational factors of incidents and the sharing of key lessons learned are all helping towards this. Our midterm target is to cut Lost Time Accidents (LTAs) by 50% by 2020 against a 2010 baseline.

Our People

Our people strategy is based on a Triple-E strategy; that’s about Energising, Enabling and Engaging our employees at Knauf Insulation.


The community is the life blood of our workforce. We work at a local level to engage with our local communities. Click here to see examples of local community initiatives.