News posted on 08.12.2016 on About us and Our Solutions and Sustainability

ECOSE Technology, a revolutionary formaldehyde-free binder innovation mainly derived from rapidly renewable materials was a significant step change for the Mineral Wool industry when it was launched by Knauf Insulation seven years ago. It continues to impress today in Europe and from the U.S. to Australia and we are still proud of our leading innovation that has great benefits recognized by specifiers and installers alike.

From recycled ingredients, no added formaldehyde, indoor air quality Eurofins Gold certification and low-embodied energy to Green Building Rating Systems advantages and large Environmental Product Declaration coverage, Glass Mineral Wool with ECOSE Technology offers various benefits for installers, specifiers and architects.

Building on this success, we have launched HVAC Rock Mineral Wool solutions with ECOSE Technology. This marks a major milestone for Knauf Insulation. Following a major conversion of capacity at our Rock Mineral Wool plant in Surdulica in Serbia, our Mineral Wool products for heating, ventilation and air conditioning with ECOSE Technology are now closer than ever to our customers in the Balkans.

“For years we have relied on the great quality of Knauf Insulation products and we’re very happy with the innovative technical solutions that are available with ECOSE Technology – they fully meet our expectations.”

Ugo Bortolami, General Manager of Termit Srl, Italy

The innovation has also been honoured with several awards in 2015-2016 such as the Gaia award in the United Arab Emirates for it’s the use of non-formaldehyde based binder in its products to promote indoor air quality and in Serbia the AUREA award acknowledges the serious development and improvement of our ECOSE Mineral Wool products.

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