Building Sustainability

The buildings of the future will need to stand up to new and different challenges. They will need to be resilient to the effects of global climate change, designed and built against a backdrop of rapidly depleting natural resources. Tomorrow’s buildings will need to be comfortable, healthy, safe, modern and connected. They will need to provide green space, particularly in high density urban areas - a growing trend given that more than half of the world’s population now lives in towns and cities, and by 2030 this number will swell to about 5 billion[1].
Fortunately, there is another certainty as well. From pioneering new green roofs solutions, providing a range of thermal efficiency and fire safety solutions, to helping reduce noise pollution and improving industrial efficiency, Knauf Insulation is always one step ahead by helping support our partners to manage and respond to these challenges by creating the products and solutions that customers want today, and may be legally required tomorrow.

We are here to help.

Energy Efficiency

Today’s buildings use about 40% of global energy. The industrial sector accounts for about 30% of the global final energy use. Much of this is being wasted. There are enormous gains to be made in improving the energy efficiency of our built environment through renovation. And insulating is the best way to start… Read more 

Fire Safety

As the built environment changes, new products and materials are installed and new innovative procedures are showcased, particularly in the light of the new energy saving regulations, it is critical that the decisions taken to improve a building don't compromise its fire resistance... Read more 


One in five people in Europe suffer from noise levels that are a major health threat, according to The World Health Organisation (WHO). And it is a situation that is getting worse. As the urban density of cities increases, noise pollution is becoming more intense with a huge negative impact on productivity, performance and social behaviour… Read more 

[1] United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)