SUPAFIL - One solution for the entire home, a quick and clean way to save energy and reduce bills

Real performance for new build and renovation projects

Supafil insulation solutions include un-bonded wool fibres made from non combustible 80% recycled glass, designed specifically for each application.

Supafil guarantees an energy saving potential of up to 25 %, as well as increased thermal comfort in both winter and summer. The specially designed virgin glass wool solution was also the first blown insulation to meet the new Lambda 90:90 requirement stipulated in EN14064:2010-1, offering architects and home owners the assurance of real performance.

Independent testing and certification show that Supafil features a high acoustic performance and an A1 Euroclass level fire resistance. Known for its high durability, Supafil can endure a building’s lifetime, and comes with a 25-year guarantee that is fully certified by authorities such as BBA (UK), Acermi (FR) and Komo (NL).

An energy efficient home in less than 1 day

Supafil solutions are installed by specialized and approved installation companies, without any interruption of the normal house-life.
This quick and clean solution for your cavity wall, loft, partition wall or garage/crawl space creates virtually no dust during installation and does not cause any damage to the house envelope.
Being a virgin Glass Mineral Wool solution rather than a by-product of traditional mineral wool solutions, Supafil has been especially designed to save time and manpower during installation. It is a bespoke product designed to provide installers with increased on-site practicality and a smooth and efficient installation process.

Reducing environmental impact

With its A+ Glass Mineral Wool BRE Green Guide rating, Supafil Cavity Wall solutions have reduced environmental impact, conserve energy and therefore assists in reducing demand for fuels for the heating and air-conditioning of buildings. The virgin blowing wool is manufactured using up to 80 % recycled glass. Furthermore, Supafil is certified with Eurofins Gold and Der Blaue Engel Standard for Indoor Air Quality.

For further details, click here to consult our Environmental Product Declarations. 

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Blue Angel Certificate Supafil

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